Create Clean-eating Environment

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Among the most important undertakings when deciding on a clean-eating lifestyle, is to create clean-eating environment that supports your new way of eating.

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Create Clean-eating Environment

When it comes to the food that you keep in your kitchen, being well-prepared with a full assortment of healthy foods is create clean-eating environment to ensure that you will not slip up and binge on junk foods. The following are a few necessities to store in your clean-eating pantry.

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Your new eating lifestyle is constructed around the consumption of invigorating fresh fruits and vegetables. By create clean-eating environment and keep these on hand, you will be more likely to use them instead of prepackaged and processed foods.

Keep the fresh fruits and vegetables in your fridge, and put some in a fruit bowl on the table. You can pre-wash a few fruit so that it is easy and handy to eat it when hunger strikes. Veggies can be cut up in advance, and small portions place in bowls to snack on all day long.

Cooking and Baking Essentials

It can be frustrating when trying a new, clean-eating recipe, and then realizing you have to go and buy most of the ingredients. Therefore is important to create clean-eating environment and stock up and keep your pantry full of items that you will use on a regular basis, like a variety of herbs and spices. Keep different milk substitutes such as cashew, almond, rice, and hemp. These can stay sealed for much longer than conventional milk and can be kept in the cupboard until needed.

Gluten-free nutrients and substitutes can be found in almost every food market in abundance nowadays. For instance, wheat pasta can be substituted by items such as rice noodles and black bean pasta. This makes tasty meals that are just as favorable as other less healthy items that you may be used to eating on a regular basis.

Have bulky foods and flours around, such as oats, millet, and quinoa that you are able to eat as is, or use in your baking. Choose organic whenever possible.

Healthy “Convenience” Foods

Eating clean does not have to be hard or time-consuming. Many canned goods can be a part of your new eating lifestyle and can save you a lot of time.

Stock up on low-sodium and organic canned beans, tomato sauce, vegetables, soups, and salmon. These will give you alternatives when you are hungry but short on time and will help hold back any dietary lapses due to an improper food choice.

Nuts and seeds keep well and a fistful can be a nifty, fulfilling snack. Sprouted, organic bread is delicious, or you can make your own. Protein powder made from an authentic source is great to have on hand and can be mixed for a quick meal.

When you decide to eat clean, start to create clean-eating environment by changing your pantry into one that supports you and your wellness goals. By stashing away foods that are delicious and preserve well, you will be less likely to fall off the wagon, so to speak. Make a list of these foods that support your new eating lifestyle and keep them in your home, and eating clean will be easy when you create clean-eating environment.

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