Backyard Chicken Coops Makes Economic Sense

Backyard chicken coops are a great way to save money when you are setting up for your new chickens. With your own coop for your chickens.

You will be able to produce tasty fresh eggs for your family. And have some gorgeous new pets that your kids will love!

backyard chicken coops❀ backyard chicken coops

Taking the time to build backyard chicken coops all your own makes great sense. You can build a coop that suits your need and even let the kids get involved adding their own creative flair.

Most backyard chicken coops need to assembled from a flat. So you are saving money on materials by building one all your own.

Most people find they can build a backyard chicken coop over a weekend.

You need to make sure that there is adequate floor space per bird. you should have a least of 4 square feet per bird so that they have plenty of room to move.

Happy healthy birds need lots of exercises so a good sized chicken run is a necessity for your bird’s wellbeing. The happier your birds are the more they will lay eggs and the better their eggs will taste!

You should also make sure your backyard chicken coops that it has proper ventilation. Built up bird droppings can accumulate a toxic ammonia-like fume. That can actually be dangerous to the birds and to you and your family.

Ventilation will not only cut the odor of the chicken coop but also keep it cool in summer. But make sure that any ventilation you put in designed in such a way that it doesn’t cause leaking. Because the coop needs to stay dry, a damp coop can cause real health problems for the birds.

You should make sure that you build backyard chicken coops have temperature control. It can be as simple as ventilation in hot climates. But if you live in cold climates you might need a heat lamp to make sure that the chooks don’t catch a frost.

Elevating your chicken coop is a good idea as well. It protects the coop from flooding in any unexpected heavy rains.

Make sure your backyard chicken coops that it protects your chooks from predators. Enclosing your chicken run, having closed windows and doors at night. And digging the fence at least 1 foot under the ground will keep your flock alive.

Finally, you should always make sure that you have fresh food and water on hand for your chooks.

Like any pets, they need to taken care of so that they have a happy healthy life!

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