Emergency Survival Plan

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A big part of your emergency survival plan you should consider all possible scenarios and then get the information you need early.

emergency survival plan

With all those natural disasters happened lately, sooner or later your family will encounter a similar emergency event that requires you to jump into action quickly to stay safe. Doing so will become much easier when you are prepared and with a plan.

Here are three basic things that you need to formulate an emergency survival plan for your family.

Where To Go

The first thing you need to know beforehand is where you will go when an emergency arises. Will you stay at home or head out of town? If you are heading out, where will you go and where will you stay?

These are crucial questions and you don’t want to make those decisions when you are in the middle of a disaster. In those stressful situations, it can be hard to make smart decisions quickly. For example, figure out what routes you can take to get out of the area, determine where you want to go if possible, and then get the contact information for the place you will be staying.

How To Stay In Touch

There is nothing scarier than not being able to get in touch with loved ones during a disaster or emergency situation. Making sure everyone has a mobile phone is the first start. Don’t forget that these devices need to be charged. Having extra batteries, chargers, including car chargers with you will come really handy as well.

Do not depend on just your smart phone for news and communication. A portable radio will come in handy for news or announcements. Specify a meeting point or someone that everyone can contact when unable get a hold of each other.

Survival Gears You Need

The more ready you are, the safer and more comfortable you will be when the unavoidable comes about. Depending on what natural calamity you facing, where you live, who is part of your family, and simple things like the weather will determine the supplies you need.

Start out with the basics you need to survive in your emergency survival plan including food, water, shelter, and medication. Don’t forget about your pets. From there, start thinking about creature comforts like light, entertainment, and the likes.

Having a headlamp and a good book can make waiting out a power outage a lot more pleasant. Add a cup of hot chocolate or tea made with a camping stove, and hot water makes it even more pleasant. Be prepared now and you will greatly increase your chances of making it through the emergency or disaster.

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