Happier Summer Travel For Empty Nesters

Happier summer travel for empty nesters. With the kids out of the house and newfound independence, summer is the perfect time of year for empty nesters to embark on bucket list trips they’ve always craved.

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(BPT) – In fact, according to a recent survey conducted by Tracfone, 68 percent of empty nesters say that traveling is a priority now that their kids have left home, but 62 percent are concerned they won’t be able to fulfill their happier summer travel goals due to budget concerns.

With the help of your smartphone and a dependable wireless service, you can travel to your dream destination without worry this summer.

Follow these easy tips to stay connected and enjoy a happier summer travel experience without breaking the bank.

Be spontaneous

Until now, you have been accustomed to traveling with kids, which meant planning an itinerary full of activities once you arrive to your destination. Now that you are vacationing without the kids, ditch the planning for your next summer adventure. Not only is it liberating to be able to take trips whenever you feel like it, but you also save time on the lengthy planning process. It could even save you money, especially on hotels, which often have last-minute deals to book open rooms.

Stay connected

Whether snapping and sharing photos, looking up directions or booking a hotel, it’s essential for travel-bound empty nesters to stay connected. In fact, more than half (51 percent) of empty nesters say they couldn’t live without their cell phone while on vacation.

With Tracfone, you get nationwide coverage on America’s largest and most dependable 4G LTE networks, so you will never have to worry about losing connection while venturing on your trip. Even better, with the 30-day smartphone plan± including talk, text and data for just $15, you can easily capture and share your favorite memories without breaking the bank. Tracfone is there to help you make the most of your summer travels, all while helping you to save.

Check out local guides

The best way to enjoy a new town? Connecting with the locals. It’s a quick and easy way to a happier summer travel experience what your destination has to offer, and a good way to meet new people! There are a variety of websites that connect travelers with local guides to help create a hometown experience while traveling. Taking the time to make these connections can result in a more authentic and exciting trip.

Take the road less traveled

Traveling by interstate on a road trip may save you time, but you also risk passing up the small-town treasures that can only be uncovered by taking the scenic route for a happier summer travel experience. Prior to your trip, use your smartphone to uncover the hidden gems and locations that you can visit on the way to your destination. Once you are on your way, take advantage of the navigation tools on your smartphone to uncover the best restaurants and hotspot attractions that only the locals know about.

This summer, turn your dream vacation into a reality. Visit www.Tracfone.com to learn more about how Tracfone can help you make a happier summer travel experience.

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