Simple Aging Tips To Stay Active

(BPT) – While most seniors look for simple aging tips to stay active and remain in their own homes. So they can continue to enjoy familiar comforts, activities and loved ones. Many of us may dream of retiring and moving away to a beach-side resort or cabin by the lake.

In fact, an AARP survey. Recently found that 87 percent of U.S. adults 65 and older. 71 percent of those 50 to 64 wish to stay in their current houses as they get older.

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It’s becoming easier for seniors to maintain their independence and stay at home longer. Thanks to the increasing range of services offered to this fast-growing market. This is great news. Considering that by 2035, one in three American households expected to led by someone 65 or older.

Unlike previous generations who were often forced to leave their homes due to keeping up with home maintenance. Personal care, and healthcare needs. Businesses today offer solutions to these challenges and more.

If you are an aging adult or have parents or other loved ones who are getting older. Here are some simple aging tips and options that can make aging in place easier.

Universal design

Making your home more navigable will make a huge difference. Should mobility become an issue. Modifications such as ramp or no-step entrances, wider halls, and doorways. Lowered electrical controls, lever-style handles, and adapted tubs and showers. Can planned over time to help with budgeting.

Housecleaning services

A simple aging tip is to hire a professional company to take care of routine housework can take away a huge burden. Freeing you up for more enjoyable activities. While ensuring your home stays clean, tidy and welcoming to friends and family.

Hiring a trusted service provider like Merry Maids. Ensures a comprehensive cleaning every time. Merry Maids can customize home cleaning plans to accommodate any needs.

Emergency alert services

Think about signing up for a personal emergency response system. That can immediately call for medical or police help at the push of an (often wearable) button. Many now offer GPS tracking, activity monitoring, fitness tracking. Fire and carbon monoxide detection and other advanced features.

Transportation services

If you are nearing the point at which you’re unable to drive. You may wish to research other ways of getting you where you wish to go.

Depending on your budget, your options might include a service such as Uber. A private car service, a dial-a-ride service, traditional public transportation. or paratransit.

Grocery delivery

Many grocers are now competing to remain relevant in their industry. By offering low-cost delivery services. That pays off for seniors. Who want to continue to choose their own foods but find shopping or travel challenging. Many services even allow you to pick out specific cuts of meat or pieces of produce online.

Thanks to the buying power of baby boomers. Businesses will continue to step up to the plate with new products and services to serve their needs.

If you are part of that generation, don’t hesitate to take advantage of the simple aging tips. And latest offerings aimed at making your at-home life easier and more comfortable.

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