Tips To Save Heating Energy

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If you are interested in living a greener lifestyle, maybe you are already trying to cut down on your energy consumption. Maybe you cycle or take transit to work, unplug your electronic gadgets when they are not in use, use fans during warm weather instead of the air conditioner and avoid wasting water.

Saving energy can be challenging, even so, when the seasons change and colder weather kicks in. Heating your home is a primary energy usage. As a matter of fact, research from Tulikivi, the world’s largest manufacturer of heat-retaining fireplaces, shows that fifty-two percent of a home’s annual energy usage is allocated to heating.

Now is the time to think of reducing your energy consumption during the winter season. The following are some tips to save heating energy that will help you enjoy a warm, cozy home while saving money as well.

Heat more efficiently

A crackling fire makes for more than just a pleasurable experience; it can also be an energy-efficient heating source. Today modern fireplaces help heat your home long after the fire goes out. They are built from soapstone, which has better thermal conductivity compared to other materials because of its dense structure and mineral composition.

For homeowners, this means once you start a fire in your fireplace, the soapstone will store heat in its thermal mass, letting a two-hour burn to radiate heat for up to twenty-four hours. This allows you enjoy a clean, comfortable, cost-saving warmness without using additional energy.

Close the drafts

Among the best ways to improve your energy efficiency is to cut down your energy waste. Window cracks and door drafts allow warm air to escape, which means you are leaking out both energy and money.

Use caulk to shore up any leaky windows and place plastic wrap over the window surface to keep out the cold. For the door jambs, you can use a door stopper to plug the gap or you can use a towel at the base to block the opening. Try to close off the bottom of any exterior door, particularly the doors you seldom use.

Make sure other heating options work efficiently

When you are not using your fireplace, it’s good to know your backup heating options are working efficiently. Have your furnace inspected routinely and make sure you change the filter each month. You should also invest in a smart thermostat. This technology allows you to set the temperature of your home for different times of the day so you can lower it when you are sleeping or away from home. They let you can program your home temperatures ensuring you never waste energy.

While it is still nice outside, colder temperature are on their way. That doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your green lifestyle when you cheeks turn rosy. By using the above tips to save heating energy, you will still enjoy the same warmth and comfort without the additional environmental impact.