Treasure From Trash Projects To Relieve Stress

Treasure from trash projects is a crafting way to relieve stress. And express your creative side. And you don’t have to be a master craftsman. Or spend a fortune on materials to have fun and enjoy the benefits.

treasure from trash projects❀ Relieve Stress!

(BPT) – “A great way to get into crafting is by ‘upcycling’. Bringing new life into items. You already have,” said Dinah Wulf, author, and blogger of the website DIY Inspired. “Some of my favorite projects can done with ordinary household items and a dab of glue.”

Here are four easy “upcycled” treasure from trash projects. To get your creative juices flowing.

A cork cell phone stand? Wine-not?!

Wine corks make excellent crafting material. So instead of throwing the cork away once the bottle is empty. Put them to use by creating a stand for your smartphone. All that’s needed for this cute project is 24 corks. And a sturdy, quick-drying glue like DAP RapidFuse All Purpose Adhesive.

Start by stacking the corks in a pyramid shape, applying a thin layer of the glue to where the corks meet. Press each bond together for 30 seconds to ensure a stronghold. Next, add one extra row of corks at the bottom of the phone to rest on, and repeat with the adhesive. Allow curing for 30 minutes.

In less than five minutes, you’ve created a unique resting place for your phone. That keeps it handy while you work at your desk or look up recipes in the kitchen.

A dazzling jewelry box for hidden treasures

For an easy crafting project. Dinah recommends scouring flea markets and garage sales for old ceramic boxes. With a little dressing up, they make the perfect jewelry box for you or a young one.

Start by spray-painting the box in your desired color. Once dry, embellish with rhinestones. Or old figurines – even old decorative salt or pepper shakers. Dab a bit of adhesive on the item, then press into the box for 30 seconds to seal. It’s the perfect gift for the little princess in your life.

A bird feeder to tweet about

One of Dinah’s favorite treasure from trash projects. Is creating an eye-catching bird feeder made from an old saucer and teacup. It’s a great way to re-purpose old dishes that you no longer use, while also bringing some whimsy to the backyard.

Lay the cup on its side on top of the saucer, and check to see where the cup and saucer touch. Next, apply the adhesive to these two areas to set and press together for 30 seconds. To keep the cup from rolling as it sets places two small items on either side. After it cures for 30 minutes, it will be ready to fill with bird seed and hang.

A marvelous mug makeover

We all have that favorite mug for our morning coffee, but with heavy use, it’s easy for the handle to chip or break in two. Instead of throwing it away, apply a bit of adhesive to the exposed ends and press together for 30 seconds. Your favorite mug is as good as new!

Don’t have a favorite mug?

Apply word tiles or other fun accessories to a basic ceramic mug to create a one-of-a-kind treasure. That you’ll look forward to using each morning. Be sure to apply adhesive only to the exterior of the mug. As many types of glue are not food safe, and hand washes your new created masterpiece.

Beyond crafting for fun

Use your new-found crafting skills to repair other household items. Such as flower pots and picture frames.

Your first instinct may be to trash the pieces and shop for replacements. But by vowing to repair your items instead of replacing. Are a great treasure from trash projects. You can save significant amounts of money.

As well as hang on to irreplaceable heirlooms and items with sentimental value.

RapidFuse All Purpose Adhesive is a cost-efficient solution. As it bonds to everything, sets in 30 seconds and cures in 30 minutes. In less time than it takes to find a replacement, you can be enjoying your old items once again.

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