Your Dispose Cell Phone A Pollution Problem

Your dispose cell phone a pollution problem. Many people don’t recognize it, but cell phones are becoming a huge share to pollution on our planet now. As part of our “throwaway” life style together with our voracious appetite for mobile phone usage meaning that landfills are becoming choked at an appalling rate with not only computers and other electronic components, but cell phones as well.

Sadly, it is estimated that over 125 million cell phones are cast-off annually. Landfills does not have to be the last stop for your cell phone, your old cell phone can be recycle.

The reason why cell phone recycling is important is because they contain some bad toxic material embedded inside their circuitry and displays, toxins such as Arsenic, Lead, and Copper, Cadmium, Mercury and Beryllium (a carcinogen which has been linked to cancer), dangerous chemicals you wouldn’t want leach into the surroundings. If disposed of correctly the non toxic materials can be recycled and used again save our limited natural resources.

Regrettably, no landfill is 100% safe and it is the toxins that leach from these materials into the ground which pollutes our groundwater level and our drinkable water supply. Currently less than 1% of the entire earth’s water is drinkable so we must take steps to protect it.

Studies from the University of Northwest Indiana have revealed that a whopping 82% of landfills in Northwest Indiana alone experienced leaks, a frightening statistic when you consider how much damage it poses to the surrounding environment and that the consequences such as migration of methane gas and leaching contaminants cannot be isolated.

Therefore toxic are the emissions from landfills that living within a close proximity of one can affect health such as low birth weight in newborns, shorter height than the general population and heart defects and liver abnormalities to name a few. If these are just some of the side effects from landfills, imagine what else we are casting into them.

Our landfills are becoming so overflow with unwanted electronics in our technology starved society that unless we do something, we will run out of land to accommodate it all and the resources with which to make them.

So, before you decide to throw out your old cell phone in exchange for a new one, think for a moment do you absolutely need it or is because you want the coolest new style? If your older model is still working fine, do you really need to buy a new one?  What else could that money be spent on?

Think about where that cell phone will end up. Just because it disappears from plain sight as it heads for the landfill does not mean its impact stops there.  The effects of your old cell phone will continue to be felt long after your memory of it has faded.

What Can you Do? Each country has different requirements dispose of electronic products. With a little research, you can find out what policies as well as where you can go for donating or recycling. Disposal doesn’t have to be the end of the road. Why not give your old cell phone another lease on life and adopt it out to a good home?

You can donate them to a worthy cause, for example is a nonprofit organization that accepts cell phone donations for victims of domestic violence.

How about reselling it on eBay or offer it free at Craigslist?

Here is another fantastic means, there are actual businesses that will pay you up to $50 for your old cell phone, they make it extremely easy to arrange and will even pay for postage and handling.

There is no excuse for not dispose cell phone or re-use your old cell phone and you could feel good in knowing that you helped keep mother earth a little cleaner because ultimately these little things make a big difference.